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Our Mandela Day with Exxaro

On 18 July 2019, Exxaro volunteers visited BrainLife to meet our members and celebrate Mandela’s legacy for Mandela Day. We enjoyed a fun-filled morning of singing, playing musical instruments and dancing together.

We are grateful to once again be awarded as beneficiaries of the Exxaro Chairman’s Fund this year. Exxaro’s ongoing support of BrainLife will help us to keep house; finance our counsellors and therapy sessions; as well as to support our less advantaged beneficiaries.

More About Our Corporate Social Partnership with Exxaro

Small Beginnings

In 2013, Exxaro became BrainLife’s first-ever corporate social investment partner. The CSI funding we received from this partnership helped us to get our feet off the ground as a fledgeling non-profit organisation. We were able to relocate our organisation out of a shared space in a local library to our first official home in Wilgers. This move enabled us to significantly improve on the counselling and therapy services we could provide and to grow our membership base from 7 to over 70 families over the following 2 years.

Growing Our Reach and Impact

During this time, we also initiated a small outreach group in Mamelodi. We operated out of any environment made available to us, making the most of every opportunity to help people with acquired brain injury who were in desperate need of our assistance. Our dream was to increase BrainLife’s reach as far as possible, by establishing a second official BrainLife branch in Mamelodi.

Three years later, this dream became a reality, when we were again selected as a beneficiary of the Exxaro Chairman’s Fund in 2018. was used to finance BrainLife’s second branch in Mamelodi.

Exxaro’s ongoing support over the years has enabled us to develop and grow our care, counselling and therapy service, making us a home and a refuge for people and their loved ones struggling with acquired brain injury. With increased resource capacity, we can host more frequent group and one on one therapy sessions every week. BrainLife currently supports over 100 families at any given time.

The Exxaro Chairman’s Fund helped us to achieve our vision and purpose to provide care and support for people with acquired brain injury, and their loved ones.

Thank you Exxaro!