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Jackie's Story

Jackie Fourie was an everyday father of two when he suffered a serious brain injury. Jackie was traveling on the N3 highway on his way to a family funeral when his car hit a cow that wandered on to the road. We want to share just a little bit of his journey with you from the perspective of himself, his wife and friend and caregiver Sophie….

The following extract was taken from a blog that Jackie’s wife Michelle Fourie wrote for the You/ Huisgenoot Magazine. In the blog she describes her family’s journey with brain injury and how she came to know about BrainLife just when she was feeling at her most hopeless:

“Then I hear about BrainLife, an NGO that assists people and families living with brain injury. Sophie, first only my right hand in the house, is now Jackie’s caregiver when I am at work and she and Jackie now joins the BrainLife family. She accompanies Jackie to the group therapy while I fight to keep our small business open and a roof over our heads.

And so BrainLife quickly becomes part of our lives. The therapy programs ranges from brain training and physical therapy as well as music and art and Jackie returns home tired but happy. It is an eye opener for me to see how the therapists and volunteers treats our loved ones with such kindness and respect. One of the best parts is that I meet other people that are on the same terrible journey with brain injury and this becomes part of the healing process for me.

New BrainLife friends become part of our lives. Pierre, who diligently picks up Jackie and Sophie, becomes an especially close friend and even a role model for Jackie.Pierre was a well-known doctor whose life changed in the blink of an eye when he was diagnosed with a brain tumour. One by one our lives are filled with new superheroes…… People just like Jackie who walk the difficult path of living life with a brain injury. Some have had accidents like Jackie. Others sustained injuries through some illness or stroke.

Our new friends accept Jackie just the way he is. They are happy to see one another and soon become incredibly good friends. The two or three days that he goes to BrainLife becomes the highlight of Jackie’s week. I learn that I do not have to walk this difficult path alone. There is help….. There is BrainLife!”

The Fourie family