Our #WORTH100 campaign is about showing you that your contribution — big or small — WILL make a difference.


Your R100 could amount to:


  • 4 cups of coffee

  • A bottle of wine

  • Breakfast with friends

  • Luxury chocolate


Or, it could buy:

  • 4 hours of cognitive group therapy

  • 1 hour of one-on-one therapy​

That’s WORTH the CHANGE!


If you would like to give monthly, we can add you to our monthly debit donation system by filling out the online debit order form below. 

Section 18A Receipts


BrainLife is a registered NPO.  We are eligible to issue Section 18A receipts, which individual donors and businesses can use to claim deductions on their taxes. Kindly note we require your detailed contact information in order to process receipts.

For individual donors/monthly debit orders:


We keep a record of our regular monthly donors and issue them with a Section 18A receipt on an annual basis. ​

Debit Orders for NPO's by Thrivepay